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Visit the places of the Bible


Visit Mt Nebo where God showed Moses the Promised Land.


Visit the red rose city of Petra either by walking, horseride, a city that was once inhabited by the Edomites and from 300BC by the Nabatean Arabs.

Visit the Mount of Beatitudes where Lord Jesus Christ preached the Sermon on the Mount.

Take a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee.

Visit the Nazareth Village to have an insight into village life and agriculture, as it would have been at the time of Jesus.

Visit Megiddo, the place of Armageddon. Megiddo was an important Canaanite city-state during the Bronze Age and a royal city in the Kingdom of Israel during the Iron Age.

Visit the Mount of Olives for a panaromic view of the Old City of Jerusalem.

Visit the Church of Pater Noster where The Lord’s Prayer was taught. See plaques that bear the Lord’s Prayer in over 100 different languages.

Visit the Garden of Gethsemane where our Lord Jesus submitted His will to our Father in Heaven.

Enter the Old city of Jerusalem, visit the Pools of Bethesda where Jesus cured the Paralytic man and walk along the Via Dolorosa following the Stations of the Cross.

Visit the Garden Tomb where Christ was risen and have Holy Communion in remembrance of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Visit to Masada the last stronghold of Jewish resistance to the Romans.

What is a trip to Israel without a dip on the Dead Sea?

The places above are just a glimpse into the itinerary of the tour.